‘Styled by Science’ to Debut on Snapchat

The fashion and beauty industries’ use of data is a hot topic these days. So it’s no wonder that data-driven styling and makeovers would graduate to become entertainment.
On Sunday, Vertical Networks will debut a new Snapchat original series call “Styled by Science.” The four- to five-minute long program can be viewed on the Snapchat app. Its premise is simple: Instead of being at the mercy of whims and subjective opinions, the creators will rely on research findings and scientific journals from sources like the National Center for Biotechnology Information and the National Institute of Health to inform the transformations.
That might sound dry and clinical — or like an intensely geeky affair — but to hear Chris Paschall, senior producer, describe the series, it’s anything but. For him, the makeovers aren’t just superficial fare. In casting, the team searched for candidates with certain goals, both male and female, and looked for objective ways to help achieve them.
For instance, take people who want to make the best first impression. According to the company, there’s scientific research suggesting that people can accurately peg income and age based on a subject’s shoes. Those sorts of choices might matter for people who are interviewing for

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