Capturing the Attention of Over-Marketed Consumers

Capturing the attention of consumers in today’s media landscape can seem like trying to photograph a hummingbird. Set up a beautiful red feeder, fill it with delicious nectar, and have the camera at the ready.
But the bird will never feed if the conditions aren’t just right.
Susan Vobejda, chief marketing officer of The Trade Desk, knows this challenge well. The Trade Desk is a global advertising technology company that helps brands engage with customers across all digital formats and platforms. Not afraid to “try new things” (her own advice), Vobejda’s spiderweb career includes serving as executive vice president and cmo at Tory Burch, and as the founding executive and general manager of Bloomberg’s media distribution division.
She parlays this breadth of experience as a resource for business leaders and mentoring with WOMEN in America as well as serving on multiple boards. Here, Vobejda shares her insights about marketing while helping to demystify digital “hummingbird hunting” for today’s retailers and brands.
WWD: What is the “attention economy” and how has it evolved?
Susan Vobejda: Adults in the U.S. now spend more than six hours per day listening to, watching, reading or interacting with digital media. This is three additional hours per day since 2011. If you feel

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