Media People: Martha MacCallum of Fox News

Martha MacCallum knows, if nothing else, the Trump administration is bringing good TV.
“It is like the ultimate reality TV show,” MacCallum said, sitting at a table outside the New York newsroom of Fox News. The area has been remodeled in recent months after being moved up to the second floor from the basement, something MacCallum, a Fox veteran at this point, is grateful for. It’s brightly lit and clean with modern modular furniture — if it weren’t for the producers running back and forth (this was the day of the already infamous Kanye West summit at the White House) it could be the office of any new company.
But it’s Fox News, the 24-hour news network praised by President Trump and his supporters as the only source of nonliberal news and maligned by people and politicians on the left as now little more than state-run TV. MacCallum, who hosts “The Story” on weeknights, knows the country is divided and that it’s easy to pander, but she wants to present both sides of the issues she covers and does not want to be seen as a shill for the administration.
During a recent show soon after Trump suggested the murder of journalist and Washington

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