L.A. Knitwear Label Replica Ramps Up With Nostalgia

As nostalgia continues to drive designers to mine their pasts for inspiration, L.A.-based knitwear label Replica Los Angeles is gaining traction in the market for its throwback motifs. Angeleno Nathalie Saphier, who spent 15 years in Paris designing for Sonia Rykiel, Christophe Lemaire, Eric Bergère, Gaspard Yurkievich and Isabel Marant, decided to venture out on her own after another decade of styling for magazines and celebrities such as Amber Heard and Serena Williams and consulting for L.A. brands ranging from Lucky Brand to Equipment, A.L.C. and Raquel Allegra. Nathalie Saphier  Courtesy image “When I lived in Paris, I was constantly trying to piece together looks based on my youth—I grew up on David Bowie and punk rock, and designers like Terry de Havilland and Peter Max have always been big inspirations,” Saphier said. “Replica has become a billboard for all the things that shaped me in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. I’m replicating in a way, my ideal wardrobe when I was a teenager.”
As megabrands such as Gucci popularize logo and graphic knits, Saphier decided to pay homage to Bowie, Iggy Pop and Pop Art at a more accessible price point—$180 to $500 retail for cashmere and cotton blends. “I’m not a knitwear

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